Student exchange

10 març 2017


We have carried out an exchange with our friends from Saint Joseph from Le Havre from the 3rd to 10th February, 2017.

The planning was the following:

3rd February:  welcoming of French students and their host families. They have spent the weekend together.

6th February: Tarragona. We have visited the Roman monuments (the wall, the amphitheatre, the circus).

foto tarraco 2 foto tarraco foto tarraco1

7th February:  Calafell. We visited the Citadel and the Castle. It was great!

On Tuesday 7th February  the  Saint Joseph’s School students together with our student’s from Ins Camí de Mar visited the old historical sites in Calafell.

The students, conducted by their teachers, visited the Iberian Citadel where they enjoyed a tour by our guide Manel Gomez. He  explained us the general characteristics of the Iberian culture, the Citadel of Calafell and  its current reconstruction from the remains they had found. He also explained us the Iberian lifestyles and customs. Later, we walk up to the historic center of the village where we listened and participate in the experience of imagining life in a medieval castle in the mid-eleventh century. They could imagine themselves in Romanesque Age and trying to imagine the defense of the southern christian border from the invasions of Al Andalus Kingdom.

ciutadella  Castell-de-Calafell

8th February: Presentation at the high school “Environmental European Campaign” and visit Pau Casals museum.

The last 8th of February we went to the Pau Casals museum in Sant Salvador. We went walking from  our High school Institut Camí de Mar. We had a nice and pleasant time although for someone it was a little bit exhausting. In this educational excursion our French friends discovered one of the most famous person in our village and even in the world. The  students’ behaviour  was perfect and they talked in English during the whole excursion. Francesco, our guide, explained all the facts and anècdotes from Pau Casals, very well. Our way back to school was nice, peaceful and less exhausting.

pau3 pau2 pau1

9th February: Barcelona. We have visited the Sagrada Familia and the gothic area.

10th February: Student’s farewell at school.

dav sopar

We spent a great time together!